Post video and get more engagement

   Did you know that social media posts with videos get more interaction? so much so that according to Here) more big brands are uploading videos directly to Facebook than ever before.

In terms of interactions, it’s really no contest. In January 2014, Facebook was getting just over half of all video interactions. In December, Facebook videos received more than 80% of video all interactions. - Even James -

   I believe this is because people can connect with video in a way not possible with other mediums. A photo leaves so much up to our imagination to fill in the details, for example: a photo of a little boy running down a street with a ball, you can allow your imagination to run wild, maybe he runs and falls or maybe he is running to meet his friends, the possibilities are endless. This especially works great with landscape photos as most of us sitting behind our desk at our boring job can imagine being at some awesome remote location but for most scenarios we want to have the details feed to us, I don't want to imagine what the boy does next, I want you to show me.

Does this mean I can just start shooting video with my phone and upload it to Facebook and I will magically get more engagement? probably but how much is the question, however the major difference between the video content the big brands are producing and yours is that theirs is professional and yours is all shaky and looks like it was shot with a phone. There are tons of apps and programs out there to reduce the camera shake but wouldn't it be easier if you could just shoot it that way to begin with?

Feiyu-tech(Click Here) has done just that. Their G4 handheld steady gimbal is so easy and fun to use and the results are just stunning, within 10 minutes of receiving my new handheld gimbal I was producing stabilized video. This gimbal comes in two flavors; G4 Gimbal For GoPro or G4 Gimbal For Smartphone, I can’t speak for the SmartPhone model as I have only used the GoPro version but assuming it is as good as the GoPro version it will also rock. Now if they would just make the firmware update process a little more user friendly that would be awesome.

So what are you waiting for? go buy one today and start producing professional video content that will impress your friends and get you more interaction.  

Product video:

Sample video:

Smartphone version:

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