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    Timothy Denehy - Desert Paradise on Exposure
  • Thu, 12 Mar 2015 19:44:10 -0400

    Texturize a photo

    Here is the texture image I used.

    1. Open the photo you want to add a texture to.


    2. Once you have your photo open now you want to navigate to File > Place Embedded… and place your texture image.


    3. Adjust your blending mode, I chose Overlay but you can chose whatever looks best to you.


    4. Play with your Opacity slider until you get the look you want.

  • Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18:50:09 -0400

    Rokinon 14mm Lightroom Lens Profile

    Download Here


    After downloading the lens profile you need to copy the file into the Lightroom lens profile folder. Depending on your operating system the folder locations are as follows (just replace [your user name] with your your username):

    Windows: C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\LensProfiles\ Mac

    OS X: /Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/LensProfiles/


    After the lens profile is installed you can use it with RAW files. The profile should work for any full frame camera. To activate the profile select the following values in the lens profile dialog:

  • Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18:02:32 -0400

    Post video and get more engagement

    Product video:Did you know that social media posts with videos get more interaction? so much so that according to Here) more big brands are uploading videos directly to Facebook than ever before.

    image> In terms of interactions, it’s really no contest. In January 2014, Facebook was getting just over half of all video interactions. In December, Facebook videos received more than 80% of video all interactions. - Even James -

    I believe this is because people can connect with video in a way not possible with other mediums. A photo leaves so much up to our imagination to fill in the details, for example: a photo of a little boy running down a street with a ball, you can allow your imagination to run wild, maybe he runs and falls or maybe he is running to meet his friends, the possibilities are endless. This especially works great with landscape photos as most of us sitting behind our desk at our boring job can imagine being at some awesome remote location but for most scenarios we want to have the details feed to us, I don’t want to imagine what the boy does next, I want you to show me.

    Does this mean I can just start shooting video with my phone and upload it to Facebook and I will magically get more engagement? probably but how much is the question, however the major difference between the video content the big brands are producing and yours is that theirs is professional and yours is all shaky and looks like it was shot with a phone. There are tons of apps and programs out there to reduce the camera shake but wouldn’t it be easier if you could just shoot it that way to begin with?

    Feiyu-tech(Click Here) has done just that. Their G4 handheld steady gimbal is so easy and fun to use and the results are just stunning, within 10 minutes of receiving my new handheld gimbal I was producing stabilized video. This gimbal comes in two flavors; G4 Gimbal For GoPro or G4 Gimbal For Smartphone, I can’t speak for the SmartPhone model as I have only used the GoPro version but assuming it is as good as the GoPro version it will also rock. Now if they would just make the firmware update process a little more user friendly that would be awesome.

    So what are you waiting for? go buy one today and start producing professional video content that will impress your friends and get you more interaction. 

    Get yourself one here: (Click Here)

    Product video:

    Sample video:

    Smartphone version:

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    5 Photography tips for taking great photos of your kids


    If you are like me you love to take photos of your kids, it is a constant challenge to capture their personality due to their limited attention span and just the fact they are kids. The tips below will hopefully help you take better photos of your kids, enjoy.

    1. Don’t try and control the situation.

    I find that if I try and make my kids stick to some preconceived plan things go south real fast. What I do is quite simple, if I have some ideas I want to try, I will shoot a few of their ideas that way they are more susceptible to trying mine, although some of my favorite shots were made from their ideas not mine.

    2. Lighting

    When I first started shooting my kids it was in a makeshift studio in my garage(which I still shoot in) and being a studio I felt I needed all the strobes and modifiers, how could I make a great photo of my kids without these tools of the trade? however there are a lot of challenges shooting this way. Strobes take time to recycle between shots which cause you to miss a lot of magic your kids create, you also have to continually adjust based on the kid and their size and how much they move around. Does that mean I don’t shoot with strobes? No, I still do I just prefer a more pseudo natural light approach. My ideal setup is a continuous light at or near daylight levels, this allows me to shoot at f2.2 and also allows me to shoot in burst mode so I never miss that magic moment. This approach makes my setup much more dynamic and versatile, my studio can be my living room or the kids room, the possibilities are endless.


    3. One on One time

    If your kids are like mine sometimes you need a little one on one time to get them active in front of the camera. I have 3 girls, 2 love the camera and my youngest loves the camera when its just me and her. So when I shoot my kids its always my two oldest fighting over who’s next and my youngest playing in the stroller in the garage. I think its good for her to see her sisters in action and then later I will ask her if she wants to take pictures and she will say yes then we will sneak out to the garage to shoot.

    4. Involvement

    Make sure and involve your kids in every part of the process, from setup to shooting to post editing. My kids want to see almost every shot after I take it or the series if I was in burst. So make sure and involve your kids and they will feel more inclined to pose for you.


    5. Let them be kids!

    This ties a lot with #1, sometimes we quickly forget the reason we want to take pictures of our kids is because we see how cute they are during everyday life and want to capture that moment to show the world what we get to see everyday. My kids will be posing and in the blink of an eye they are playing with my fishing pole, instead of trying to force them back in position let them play and keep asking “want to take another photo”? sometimes they will move back in front of your backdrop while playing and you get some great candid shots.

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    Beautiful wedding.

    Beautiful wedding.

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    How to take photos of lightning

    This time of year is popular for taking lightning shots however so many people are so intimidated because it is so hard to anticipate the strike and capture it. By following these simple steps you too can capture this amazing event.

    Required equipment:
    1. DSLR or equivalent that has BULB mode.
    2. Tripod (Duh)
    3. Remote shutter cable

    Step 1.
    Switch your camera into BULB mode.

    Step 2.
    Enable Mirror Lockup (This will reduce camera shake)

    Step 3.
    Set your ISO to 100 and Fstop to f11-16.

    Step 4.
    Set your white balance
    -Tungsten to Fluorescent range (3200K - 4000K) will give you dramatic blues and purples.

    Step 5.

    It might be hard to focus if you are not wide open due to obstructions so you could try and focus on something around 50 yards away, if you are wide open just use the infinity option on your lens.

    Step 6.
    Once you are all set up its time to take that shot. What you want to do is press and hold your shutter release (Different on different cameras) and as soon as you see the lightning strike release the shutter. Like I said pretty easy right, you might have to play around with this technique a bit but once you get it down you can try and include some foreground objects to make it a little more interesting.

    Happy shooting.

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    Playing is so tireing

    Playing is so tireing

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    fotojournalismus: Street children sleep under a bridge in...


    Street children sleep under a bridge in Paranaque city, metro Manila on July 18, 2013.

    [Credit : Romeo Ranoco/Reuters]

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    Hell’s AngelsHell’s Angels

    Hell’s Angels

    Hell’s Angels
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    Siempre Para Los Ninos ChildrenOrphanage in Mexico, this little...

    Siempre Para Los Ninos Children

    Orphanage in Mexico, this little girl touched my heart.
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    United States New Mexico, Navaho Reservation, Ship Rock

    United States New Mexico, Navaho Reservation, Ship Rock

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